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The ultimate guide to buying medical and life sciences translation services

Medical and life sciences translations pose numerous challenges. These sectors are subject to strict regulations, as the products have a direct influence on the health and wellbeing of users. So it’s extremely important to find a translation service provider that meets your needs as a medical technology client. Our e-book is the ultimate guide to choosing a translation service provider for medical technology, where safety is paramount, and will help you find the right translation partner.

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What to expect from this e-book

A quick overview of the areas covered

Knowledge to go

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What to expect

In life sciences translations in particular, it’s crucial to find a partner who’s aware of the strict requirements these translations have to meet. This e-book gives you an overview of what a translation agency does and what you need to look out for in medical translations.

What it explains

  • What matters in life sciences translations?
  • What influence does the MDR have on medical translations?
  • Which service levels are offered?
  • What do ISO certifications mean and what role do they play?
  • How are risks managed? 
  • Who’s liable in the event of damage? 
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