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Seamless integration and personal support

Seamless integration into your systems and translation processes developed as a team take the collaboration further and allow accurate translation and localization with maximum flexibility and speed.

Consistent phrases and terminology are key, as is a well-coordinated team. So your Project Manager will take the time to get to know you and how you work. With carefully selected core translators on board, you can rest assured that your documentation will be translated without any problems and with immunity from liability. And it’s all delivered in the same format it came in.

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Create your brand identity and reach your target market

We help you speak your customers’ language. For us that means our high-quality translations follow a consistent style, adhere to your terminology and have the right format and layout, even when you need them back in a hurry.

But you’re the real experts when it comes to your corporate language. We can get you involved with the review process to ensure that everything your business produces says exactly what you want it to say.

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All-round services for your website

You can sit back, relax and let us do the work. Not only can we handle all the usual file formats, we also use innovative technology to integrate our systems seamlessly with yours, making time-consuming importing and exporting a thing of the past.

And if you’d prefer your in-house experts to review the translated output, it’s easy to get them involved with the review process. Once you’re happy with everything, on request we can host the translated content so that it is immediately visible on your website.

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Software localization for agile developers

You have sprints, and so do we! We speak your language, so we know what you need and adapt our workflows to suit. Our Localization Engineers will take care of the technical side of things, while your Project Manager and the translators focus on translation and localization – during the beta phase, if you need it.

We watch out for character limits and carry out specific quality assurance checks to ensure any post-processing is minimal. And in addition to software localization, we can deliver professional translations of GUI texts and online help guides.

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Support for your whole business

Why not harness the power of collaboration and outsource your translation projects to us? We work closely with you (so close that it’ll feel like we’re your in-house translation department) and deliver professional translations of technical documentation, marketing texts, internal communications and legal documents. Pooling resources with your translation team makes the whole process much more flexible and cost-effective.

A long-term partnership saves you money and optimizes the translation processes: databases grow, costs go down and quality goes up. So if you’re looking for consulting services such as regular reporting, efficiency growth, 6D assessment and more, collaboration with MEINRAD gives you ISO certification and immunity from liability for your peace of mind.

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ISO certified – for your peace of mind

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