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  • Checking translations: what’s the difference between a QA check and a review?
    on 26. January 2021 in Buying translations

    There are a number of ways help ensure a high-quality translation. The two main options are quality assurance and reviews. But what exactly is the difference? MEINRAD explains.

  • Signed, sealed, delivered: agreements with translation agencies
    on 26. January 2021 in Buying translations

    Sensible, well-thought-out framework agreements make working with a translation agency every day much clearer and simpler. The more you plan ahead, the less frustration you’ll have to deal with later. Here’s some advice and top tips from our experience to help you create framework agreements that actually give you added value, rather than documents that simply lie forgotten gathering dust in a filing cabinet.*

  • All in one: why it’s often worth putting all your translation eggs in one basket
    on 26. January 2021 in Buying translations

    It seems obvious that using multiple language service providers can spread the risk, and it may be tempting to give each new project to the cheapest provider. But be warned: you’ll be throwing away the savings you could be making from translation memories, and increasing the likelihood of inconsistent translations.

  • Small words make a big difference: why terminology management shouldn’t be the poor relation at your business
    on 3. December 2020 in Process optimization

    Terminology management is a word that can send a shiver down people’s spines – “time-consuming”, “stressful” and “complicated” are just three of the words often used to describe it. But it doesn’t have to be! Smart systems can make managing terminology simple and efficient from the start, improving your internal and external communication processes and saving you time and money.

  • Text check: which types of texts are suitable for machine translation?
    on 19. November 2020 in Machine Translation

    Google Translate and other machine translation (MT) engines are becoming more and more popular, so it’s no surprise many businesses who need translations are asking whether MT is right for them. It’s quicker and cheaper, so it seems like a no-brainer, but there’s a catch: not all types of texts are suitable for pre-translation with MT engines. We explain where MT can be helpful and where it will produce incoherent texts that are no use to […]

  • How to save money and boost productivity in your translation department
    on 5. November 2020 in Process optimization

    In a challenging economic climate, lots of businesses are having to tighten their belts in order to survive. Cost-saving measures can have a big impact across the board, including at in-house translation departments. The translation team is often one of the first departments to be targeted for outsourcing and redundancies – but there’s a lot you can do to safeguard your team.

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Case studies

Case studies

“It’s only thanks to MEINRAD that we can manage our workload” – how MEINRAD’s translation services and technical support benefit MED-EL

MEINRAD has been MED-EL’s translation partner since 2013. But MEINRAD also provides wide-ranging technical support for the medical technology company based in Innsbruck. Find out here how MED-EL and MEINRAD have worked together to develop a workflow which saves time for both parties and delivers the best results. The translation

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Work on translation MED-EL
Case studies

“For us, MEINRAD is like another department of our company” – how MEINRAD helps medical technology company MED-EL speak over 40 languages

More than 200,000 people can hear again thanks to MED-EL’s hearing loss solutions – that’s 200,000 people belonging to various nationalities and cultures, and speaking different languages! MEINRAD has been the medical technology company’s translation partner since 2013, helping to supply all these people with the information they need. Doris

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