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The pioneers

Ever since was founded in 1993, Meinrad Reiterer’s internal motivation was not “just” to translate. He wanted to listen to clients’ and external translators’ concerns and offer real added value. This has not changed to this day. Keeping with the times and remaining a supportive partner with the latest technology and agile solutions is exactly what motivates Meinrad Reiterer and his colleagues. 

MEINRAD’s dynamic team consists of account managers, project managers, localization engineers, and in-house translators who complement and support each other with their individual talents.

With offices in Wolfsberg (Carinthia) and Graz (Styria) and 27 employees (+ 3 on maternity leave), MEINRAD ranks among the top 30 language service providers in Western Europe. 

Companies from a wide range of industries all over the world rely on MEINRAD’s expertise. In addition to technical know-how and linguistic competence, the team’s key values are humanity and commitment to the job, which are evident from the beginning of each project to its implementation in the customer’s best interests. 

Because we put people first, we would like to introduce you to the team behind numerous successful projects:

Alex Witek Portrait

Alexander Witek, BA

Project Manager, In-House Linguist
The pumpkin seed oil supplier with a technology background
Alex joined the MEINRAD team in June 2019 as an In-House Linguist and Project Manager. Not much fazes him, so he’s the ideal man to handle frantic situations when a cool head is needed to deliver an urgent project. As well as technical training in automation technology, he read English and American studies at the University of Graz: the perfect preparation for working with technical translation customers. To switch off after a hard day’s work, Alex plays bass guitar, meets up with his friends or uses the classic game Tetris as meditation therapy. If you want to thank him for bringing pumpkin seed oil from his uncle’s farm in Styria, offer him Fizzers – his biggest guilty pleasure! +43 4352 36094 57

Andrea Gutwein Portrait

Andrea Gutwein, MA

Project Manager, Data Protection Manager
The versatile dancing queen with a flair for Flare
Based in Linz, Andi is a Project Manager and a specialist and sought-after contact person for MadCap Flare projects. After five years in Spain and time living in Switzerland and France, Andi finally ended up at MEINRAD – and her cooking skills have boosted the vegetarian contingent at the company. Given her meticulous approach to her work and appreciative attitude towards others, it’s little wonder that she enjoys archery and horse riding in her spare time. +43 4352 36094 62

Barbara Reiterer Portrait

Barbara Reiterer MSc

Chief Financial Officer, Authorized Representative
The keen gardener who keeps our finances in order
As Chief Financial Officer, Bärbl makes sure we as a company are financially secure and healthy through ongoing controlling and complicated analyses. But money isn’t her only area of expertise: when it comes to stress management, burnout prevention and a healthy diet, she’s the ideal person to turn to for advice. If she isn’t in the office, she’s probably planting flowers in her garden or helping out with her grandson – for her, spending time with family comes first. +43 4352 36094 22

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Ben Miller, BA

Senior Localization Engineer
The technologically-minded wannabe barista and PC problem solver
With his comprehensive IT expertise, our Senior Localization Engineer Ben is a man in demand! He solves problems with limitless patience and an easy-going manner, and he’s an expert at stifling his laughter when an extremely stupid question comes his way. But there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to wipe the smile off this Apple fan’s face: just ask him for help with a Microsoft Windows problem. A pipe-smoking Dungeons and Dragons fan, in his spare time Ben enjoys running and playing bass in his band Klay. He also makes his own Oreo pie and pumpkin pie, which we in the office are lucky enough to sample every now and then. +43 4352 36094 30

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Carina Gerstl, BA

Project Manager
The rock chick who loves Wham!, cocktails and desktop publishing
Carina joined the MEINRAD team in November 2019 as a Project Manager, and her keen eye for design and resolute determination to see things through means she won’t rest until everything’s in the right place with InDesign, Photoshop and other files. Desktop publishing really makes her heart beat faster. As she sees it, the seasons aren’t just spring, summer, autumn and winter: there’s the festival season and advent as well. Carina will switch straight from her band t-shirt to her Santa cap, and from metal and rock music straight to Christmas carols. Otherwise, she loves inviting people for cocktails at her favourite Asian restaurant and mixing her own at home. +43 4352 36094 19

Christian Waldmann Portrait

Christian Waldmann, BA BA

Vendor Relations Manager, In-House Linguist, Chief Communications Officer
The versatile polyglot who loves ornithology
Christian has five active foreign languages, more than anyone else at MEINRAD. So perhaps it’s no surprise that he’s taken to his job as a Vendor Relations Manager, a job which involves working with translators around the world, like a duck to water. If a Project Manager needs a translator, Christian is just the man to find them. And this jack of all trades regularly surprises his colleagues with his in-depth knowledge of seemingly mundane subjects, such as the spread of Japanese knotweed in Austria. He’s always been interested in birds, so he’s often to be found outdoors exploring nature – or if the weather’s bad, indoors watching nature documentaries in various languages. +43 4352 36094 14

Christine Ladinig Portrait

Mag. Christine Ladinig

Project Manager, Vendor Relations Manager
The cat-loving, green-fingered bibliophile
Christine studied English and German literature at university and is now a Project Manager and Vendor Relations Manager (together with Christian) at MEINRAD. She is frequently to be found in the garden at her home in Diex, the sunniest place in the whole of Carinthia. Renowned as a quick and voracious reader, she devours up to 6 books a week. No wonder then that Amazon parcels with new reading material make her heart beat a little faster. If there’s one thing her colleagues don’t really understand, it’s that she’s not a big fan of cake: she’d much rather have tiramisu for dessert. +43 4352 36094 41

Christine Rainer Portrait

Christine Rainer, MA

Project Manager, Content Creator
The sporty shrimp breeder with a do-it-yourself spirit
As a Content Creator, Christine uses the journalistic experience she brought with her when she joined MEINRAD. Our multi-talented sportswoman regularly surprises her colleagues with creative projects: she keeps us up to date with the progress (good and bad) of her shrimp colony, knits woolly hats and makes her own butter, bread and yoghurt. Christine also frequently does mantrailing training with her dog Dea and runs her own courses at a dog obedience school. We are delighted that after reading German studies at university she returned to her hometown of Wolfsberg, as it means we can sample her baking on a regular basis! +43 4352 36094 56

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Christine Seebacher, MA

Project Manager
The cat-loving globetrotter with a knack for solving problems
Christine joined the MEINRAD team in October 2020. With a philosophy that “problems are there to be solved”, she will happily Google her way through the vast expanse of the internet – and her tenacity pays off in the imaginative solutions she comes up with for her customers. Alongside her work as a MEINRAD Project Manager, Christine is an interpreter in the social services sector. When she isn’t organizing her working week with to-do lists or using her French and English skills in interpreting, she’s a keen traveller: in 2017 she embarked on a round-the-world trip lasting nine and a half months, and in 2019 she took part in the World Choral Championship in Tokyo. She enjoys spending the rest of her time with her two cats Tika and Yuki at home, where she’s quick to offer visitors a taste of her whisk(e)y and tea collection. +43 4352 36094 20

Portraitfoto von Daniel Zelenik

Daniel Zelenik, BA

Project Manager
The Slovenian family man with a love for details
Daniel has been supporting MEINRAD's project management team with his detail-oriented approach since April 2023. The father of two comes from the vicinity of Maribor in Slovenia, but started learning German at an early age and speaks it flawlessly today. His favourite way to relax is to watch a historical film or a thriller - so it's not surprising that, given the choice, he would most like to have dinner with director Stanley Kubrick. Should you ever end up on a desert island with Daniel, there would be no need to worry, because he would be well equipped with a Swiss knife, a lighter and a mattress. He also has a big dream that he would like to fulfil with his family: a trip to Scotland. +43 4352 36094 10

Daniela Reiterer Portrait

Daniela Reiterer, MA

Chief People Officer Currently on maternity leave
The people person with a keen eye for hidden talent
Daniela focuses on the people who make MEINRAD tick. As a Peer Group Coach, she is responsible for the personal development of every employee and for creating an environment where everyone can reach their potential. She has a knack for identifying hidden potential in people, and she does everything in her power to turn it into a win-win situation. Her coaching input, demonstrating her talent for personal development and time, stress and error management, is always popular. She says her best ideas come to her when she goes for a run or when she feels the warm glow of being around her family and friends.
Edith Sifferlinger Portrait

Edith Sifferlinger

Financial Accounting
The family-loving ray of sunshine with a keen eye for detail
A trained accountant, Edith puts as much loving care into her work in accounting at MEINRAD as she does into her family. The first thing you seen on walking into her office are colourful drawings of her two children, but it’s not just the walls that she brightens up: she’s a ray of sunshine in the Wolfsberg office and can boost anyone’s spirits, even on the dullest, greyest morning. Her keen eye for detail is crucial, and for some time she’s been working towards making MEINRAD more sustainable by introducing fully paperless accounting. Outside the office, she spends lots of time on the sidelines of a football pitch cheering on her son and as her children’s “chauffeur” – it’s a role she’s willing to take on, but she also makes sure it doesn’t get in the way of her hobby of reading. And she couldn’t get through the cold winter months without dreaming of sunny summer holidays. +43 4352 36094 45

Eva Reiterer Portrait

Eva Reiterer, MSc

Business Intelligence Manager
The goal-oriented Excel nerd with a four-legged friend by her side
It was by no means guaranteed that Eva would find her vocation in Wolfsberg at the family business, given that she spent many years living in Spain, Australia and Scotland. So it’s even more pleasing that after running the business for some time, she now continues to advise by disseminating her extensive knowledge as Business Intelligence Manager. Eva’s boss is her dog Mica, a Border Collie with the inquisitiveness and boundless enthusiasm you expect from the breed who ensures that Eva always has something to take her mind off things after a hectic working day. In the office, she loves working with numbers and using Microsoft Power BI for automated evaluation of business figures.

Hannah Herzberger Portrait

Hannah Herzberger, BA

Project Manager, Chief Operations Assistant
The highly motivated early sleeper with a keen sense of what’s right
Hannah is a Project Manager and In-House Linguist at MEINRAD, and she has a secret recipe for handling the challenges of her job: Fairtrade chocolate, a vigorous dose of sport and a good night’s sleep. With her passion for sustainability, a healthy lifestyle and travelling (particularly to the beautiful land of Israel), she is not just the ideal person to discuss vegan delicacies, but also the company’s number 1 (well, only) Hebrew speaker.
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Hannah Maltschnig, MA

Project Manager
The sporty project manager with an affinity for cooking
Hannah joined the MEINRAD team in February 2023 as a project manager. After the language enthusiast from Carinthia completed her master's degree in Vienna, she moved back to her hometown. Although Hannah stays calm in her daily work routine, she can also be quite different - namely when it comes to sports, as she has a penchant for vigorous sports such as spinning, skiing and tennis. Hannah is also a passionate cook and baker, and someday she would like to adopt a dog that gets to sample a piece or two of her homemade delicacies. +43 4352 36094 54

Julia Benko, Projektmanagerin bei

Julia Benko, BA

Project Manager, VRM Member
The calm talented organizer with big dreams
Julia, born in the Murtal, joined the MEINRAD team as a project manager and VRM member in September of 2022. When it comes to Julia, it is definitely no surprise that her Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff, because she embodies all characteristics the house possesses. She stands out with her structured and focused way of working and never seems stressed, even in challenging times. Julia always has time for her colleagues’ problems - regardless of whether it may be a personal or an everyday work-related issue. In her free time, Julia either writes her own poems or travels to foreign countries, and although she has never travelled outside of Europe, she still very much dreams of emigrating to Canada or New Zealand at some point in the future. +43 4352 36094 40

Julia Wuggenig Portrait

Julia Wuggenig, MA

Chief Operations Officer, Project Manager
The geography-loving musician
Julia joined the MEINRAD team in December 2015 as a Project Manager and In-House Linguist. Whether it’s researching terminology, working on translations, or even in her role as unofficial Memes Officer, her cheery nature puts a smile on all her colleagues’ faces. And in 2019 she became Chief Operations Officer, so she has a say in all major decisions we make. When Julia isn’t busy trying to teach tricks to our four-legged friends, she is either broadening her geographical knowledge (to boost her pub quiz scores) or pursuing her musical interests on the guitar, drums or piano. +43 4352 36094 11

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Klara Miller, BSc

Creative Marketing, Coach
The creative designer with a computer engineering background and a love of singing
There’s probably no one more surprised than Klara herself that she ended up in the Marketing and Sales team at MEINRAD, as she originally did an internship with us as a coach. But that says a lot about her: she’s quick to discover a passion for new things, and she shows impressive courage in facing new challenges head on. And nowhere more so than in Marketing. Klara has brought fresh impetus to our creative design, and since July 2021 she has been MEINRAD’s unofficial in-house photographer. She also helps with marketing automation in HubSpot, handles technical website issues in WordPress, and can create a CSS in no time at all. On top of that, her empathy and her personal experience of mindfulness make her the perfect addition to our Coaching team. And when she isn’t in the office, she pours her heart and soul into her band as a singer/songwriter. +43 4352 36094 37

Lara Tosoni Portrait

Lara Tosoni, MA

Project Manager, Chief Revenue Officer
The globetrotting Italophile with a real passion for cooking
Lara is a committed and target-focused Project Manager at MEINRAD, and she has also flourished in her additional role in Business Development.Born in Wolfsberg, after studying translation she lived in Bella Italia for a long time before turning her back on Rome and returning to her homeland. But as is often the case with language lovers, culture vultures and foodies, her wanderlust will never truly leave her. When she isn’t planning her next adventure, Lara loves playing sport and music in her free time and enjoys conjuring up delicacies (Italian, of course) in the office kitchen to brighten her colleagues’ day. +43 4352 36094 60

Lisa Zarfl Portrait

Lisa Zarfl, BA

Project Manager, In-House Linguist
The creative Francophile who loves travelling
Lisa joined the MEINRAD team in March 2019 as a Project Manager and In-House Linguist, and her organizational skills and friendly demeanour have proved an invaluable addition – not to mention her expertise when it comes to MadCap Flare and Lingo. Having spent time living in Ireland, Brittany and Belgium, her heart now belongs to the rugged coastlines of northwestern Europe. But as an English and French specialist at MEINRAD, she also lists Canada as one of her dream destinations. In her free time Lisa loves using her sketchpad, and when she fancies a bit more action she goes cycling or scales indoor climbing walls. +43 4352 36094 18

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Luisa Ehrenreich, BA

Project Manager
The creative Project Manager who loves her dogs
Born in Graz, Luisa has been part of the MEINRAD team since the start of 2022, having made a smooth transition from an intern to a full-time member of staff. She found that project management suited her perfectly – and her enthusiasm and ambition are ideal for projects big and small. Her colleagues appreciate her willingness to help whenever they need advice, but it’s not just the other MEINRAD staff who benefit from her generosity of spirit: she’s passionate about four-legged animals of the canine variety, and has given a loving home to two rescue dogs, Rudi and Mädi. And once her day’s work is done, she enjoys creative pursuits, whether it’s knitting jumpers, baking delicious pastries or designing tattoos. +43 4352 36094 43

Lukas Reiterer Portrait

Lukas Reiterer, BA

Project Manager
The pizza-loving IT guy who always has the right solution
Lukas has almost limitless patience when there’s a tricky IT problem to solve. And as an experienced Project Manager he always has time to guide new customers through the MEINRAD onboarding process, ensuring that they get the high-quality translations and tailored workflows that make their life easier. He joined the team in 2012, so he’s accumulated plenty of experience. At home in Wolfsberg, he enjoys spending time with his British wife, their son and their dog – so they’re a bilingual household (OK, apart from the dog). And if pizza’s cooking, he’ll be there like a shot – there’s not much he likes eating more. +43 4352 36094 33

Magdalen Rye, Projektmanagerin bei MEINRAD

Magdalen Rye, BA

Project Manager
The Harry Potter fan with a creative streak
Magdalen is from Upper Austria and has English roots. She has been part of the MEINRAD team since September 2022 and her organizational talent as well as her calm way of working make her a valuable addition to the team as a project manager. Until recently, she was a member of a brass band, where she played the clarinet and the tenor saxophone. If you don't find Magdalen (Maggie for short) crocheting, she is most likely enjoying a Harry Potter marathon or creating a few new pages in her self-made bullet journal. Every year, however, she swaps pen and paper for a rolling pin and fondant, as she decorates a festive Christmas cake that her mum bakes! +43 4352 36094 59

Marina Theuermann Portrait

Marina Theuermann, MSc

Project Manager
The highly motivated deadline chaser and organizer
Born in Wolfsberg, Marina joined the MEINRAD team in September 2019 and completed her training faster than anyone before at the company. Then again, that’s not really a surprise given her organizational skills: she makes handling even the most complex projects look easy. She won’t let anyone miss a deadline, and all meetings begin dead on time. Although Marina has studied in various places around Europe (Graz, Milan, Kolding, Ljubljana, Girona and Voronezh), in the end she came back home – and with her culinary and baking skills, her family, friends and colleagues have even more reason to be delighted about that. +43 4352 36094 16

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Maximilian Starlinger, MA

Project Manager
The all-rounder who loves solving problems
As someone always trying to find new problems for his solutions, localization engineering and project management are tailor-made for Max. His philosophy is “There’s no such thing as can’t”! When he isn’t pondering where our project management can be optimized and which solutions might work best, you’ll usually find him in his garden at home, which he helps cultivate along with his six housemates – and sometimes that includes looking after several chickens. After all, he may be technically minded, with a thirst for knowledge and a sharp sense of humour, but an eco-friendly lifestyle matters a lot to him. Max is a real do-it-yourself person, and he doesn’t limit the challenges he takes on to real life: he loves D&D evenings, where alongside his colleagues Ben, Carina, Lisa and Melissa he can try to come up with creative solutions to get him out of a tight spot. +43 4352 36094 35

Meinrad Reiterer Portrait

Mag. Meinrad Reiterer

The beer-brewing éminence grise with a musical past
As founder and CEO of MEINRAD, Meinrad sets high standards for himself – and he expects his colleagues and partners to do the same. As he puts it, new technological tools make him as excited as a new toy makes a child. And this enthusiasm for new tools and the constant drive to make things better are the foundations for 25 extremely successful years of MEINRAD. It’s a well-known company secret that Meinrad stormed the Austrian charts in the 80s with his band Mustage. That, plus the crisp beer he brews in the company basement and his ability to hit the bullseye with an arrow when on horseback, makes his reputation as a man for all seasons more than justified. +43 4352 36094 29

Über uns

Melissa Moser, MA

Project Manager, In-House Linguist, Chief Operations Officer
The well-organized team player with a head for trivia
Melissa joined the MEINRAD team in March 2019. Whether she’s working on a project on her own or as part of a team, her unflappable nature is invaluable. She’s happy to take on responsibility, and her positive mindset rubs off on her colleagues. Her Colombian heritage means she’s frequently our go-to person for Spanish translations, and as a Project Manager it’s not uncommon for her to manage 36 languages in a single project – but she doesn’t let that faze her. Away from work, she enjoys cooking with a glass of wine and philosophizing about food. On Thursday evenings she’s usually to be found either at a pub quiz (blowing everyone away with her knowledge of trivia) or enjoying one of her film nights on the sofa. +43 4352 36094 13

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Mirjam Urach, MA

Project Manager
The team player with outstanding organizational skills
Mirjam’s cheerful nature made a lasting impression during her internship in 2019, and she has been part of the Life Science team at MEINRAD since 2021. Her attention to detail means she’ll get to the bottom of any error, and her friendly, approachable demeanour makes her an oasis of calm for her colleagues, clients and freelancers – whose wellbeing is always at the core of her thinking. And her team spirit extends beyond MEINRAD, encompassing vegetarian cookery nights, playing Tak and rock climbing. On the days when Mirjam works from home in Graz, you’ll almost certainly find her going for a walk along the River Mur during her lunch break. +43 4352 36094 36

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Rachel Prohazka, MA

Project Manager, Sales Assistant
The sun worshipper with supreme organizational skills
Rachel’s outgoing manner and optimism have enriched the MEINRAD team since April 2022. After short spells in Vendor Relations Management and Marketing, she has now found her ideal role as a Project Manager. But she’s about more than just organizational tools and to-do lists: she loves travelling and discovering new countries, preferably in the sunnier climes of the south. That’s because she’s a real sun worshipper, and cold temperatures are more or less the only thing that dampen her mood. After work, Rachel loves playing sport and trying out new baking recipes. +43 4352 36094 25

Sulamit Burmeister Portrait

Sulamit Burmeister, BA

Project Manager Currently on maternity leave
The child-loving superwoman with a social conscience
Born in Tyrol, Sula first joined the MEINRAD team in 2011. As a Project Manager she has become an expert in managing translation projects for our largest customer, which involves juggling around 20 different languages and specific software requirements. After her day’s work is done, she enjoys challenging her American husband to see who’s the best cook and spending quality time with their three boys – hers is a bilingual household. But she still has space in her heart to spare, so in her free time she volunteers in social programmes with children and young people. She has lived in the Croatia, the UK and the USA, but ultimately she likes it best in Austria.
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