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The pioneers

Ever since was founded in 1993, Meinrad Reiterer’s internal motivation was not “just” to translate. He wanted to listen to clients’ and external translators’ concerns and offer real added value. This has not changed to this day. Keeping with the times and remaining a supportive partner with the latest technology and agile solutions is exactly what motivates Meinrad Reiterer and his colleagues. 

MEINRAD’s dynamic team consists of account managers, project managers, vendor relations managers, localization engineers, in-house translators and a marketing and sales team who complement and support each other with their own individual talents.

With offices in Wolfsberg (Carinthia) and Graz (Styria) and 31 employees (+ 1 on maternity leave), MEINRAD ranks among the top 30 language service providers in Western Europe. 

Companies from a wide range of industries all over the world rely on MEINRAD’s expertise. In addition to technical know-how and linguistic competence, the team’s key values are humanity and commitment to the job, which are evident from the beginning of each project to its implementation in the customer’s best interests. 

Because we put people first, we would like to introduce you to the team behind numerous successful projects:

Alexander Witek, BA

Project Manager, In-House Linguist

Andrea Gutwein, MA

Project Manager, In-House Linguist

Anja Kolar, BA

Vendor Relations Assistant

Annalena Pliem, BA

Project Manager, In-House Linguist

Barbara Reiterer MSc

Chief Financial Officer, Authorized Representative

Ben Miller, BA

Senior Localization Engineer

Carina Gerstl, BA

Project Manager

Carmen Suppan, MA

Project Manager, In-House Linguist

Christian Waldmann, BA BA

Vendor Relations Manager, In-House Linguist, Chief Communications Officer

Mag. Christine Ladinig

Project Manager, Vendor Relations Manager

Christine Rainer, MA

Project Manager, Content Creator

Christine Seebacher, MA

Project Manager

Daniel Zelenik, BA

Project Manager

Daniela Reiterer, MA

Chief People Officer

Edith Sifferlinger

Financial Accounting

Eva Reiterer, MSc

Business Intelligence Manager

Hannah Herzberger, BA

Project Manager, Chief Operations Assistant

Hannah Maltschnig, MA

Project Manager

Ivona Puškarić, BA

Project Manager, In-House Linguist

Julia Wuggenig, MA

Chief Operations Officer, Project Manager

Klara Miller, BSc

Creative Marketing, Coach

Lara Tosoni, MA

Project Manager, Chief Revenue Officer

Lisa Zarfl, BA

Project Manager, In-House Linguist

Luisa Ehrenreich, BA

Project Manager, In-House Linguist, Content Creator

Lukas Reiterer, BA

Head of IT, Project Manager

Magdalen Rye, MA

Project Manager

Marina Theuermann, MSc

Project Manager

Maximilian Starlinger, MA

Project Manager

Mag. Meinrad Reiterer


Melissa Moser, MA

Project Manager, In-House Linguist (currently on maternity leave)

Mirjam Urach, MA

Project Manager

Rachel Prohazka, MA

Project Manager, Sales Assistant
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