MEINRAD’s expertise and specializations

Technical expertise meets 25 years of experience

MEINRAD has specialized in technical and medical translations for 25 years.

We combine a love of languages with state-of-the-art technologies, and specialist expertise with a personal touch. Every day our customer-focused project managers, professional in-house linguists, ingenious localization engineers and talented freelance translators work hand in hand to put a smile on your face.

ISO certified – for your peace of mind

MEINRAD specializes in the following industries



Medical technology

Directions for use, labelling and packaging, device descriptions and instructions, datasheets – this is just some of what we translate into dozens of languages for our customers in the medical sector.

We help customers meet the ever more stringent regulatory requirements. To save you a supplier audit, we are certified to the ISO 13485 quality standard for medical products.



Mechanical engineering

For 25 years, challenging translations for specialist mechanical and plant engineering customers have been at the heart of what we do.

Our expertise ranges from operating instructions and datasheets to online help guides.

Lots of international companies based in Austria and abroad, including welding machine and laser cutting machine manufacturers, put their trust in us.

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Various software developers value our comprehensive range of services. We give them the know-how, technical resources and skilled professionals they need to successfully localize their digital products.

Our expertise also covers all accompanying documentation, such as online help guides, user instructions, brochures and support files.

Other industries and specializations

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We translate (almost) everything for our customers. So we also regularly supply translations for manufacturers of cableway rope, baby food, wine barrels and awnings – and a whole lot more besides.

Languages at MEINRAD

From A for Arabic to Z for Zulu

Between us, we speak a lot of languages. We have a global network of carefully selected linguistic experts, who have both specialist technical expertise and high levels of language skills. So as well as the most common languages, we can offer rare ones too.

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