All-round outsourcing solutions
for your business

All-round outsourcing
solutions for your
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How you benefit from outsourcing


Enhance your team

When your translation department is under pressure or needs to translate languages you don’t cover, we can take over completely or help out as best suits you – with no risks.



Experienced specialist translators adhere to the terminology you give them and deliver high-quality translations. It’s as if the translations were done in-house.


Save money

Partnership pays off in the long term as high-quality translations and optimized processes save you money. Regular check-ins make that clear and visible for managers.



Open communication when it comes to prices and easy-to-understand quotes are the basis of fair business dealings. And the whole process is 100% transparent.

Our outsourcing services

Synchronized workflows

Our processes ensure smooth collaboration, and our technical experts are on hand to give you support whenever you need.

One-stop shop

We handle all your translation needs: as a one-stop shop we give you high-quality, consistent translations and the best value for your money.

In-house review

Your in-house experts are the best people to answer specific questions. We get them involved, and together we produce the quality you need.


We work with you to develop translation memories and term bases to ensure high-quality, cost-effective and consistent translations.

Add-ons for Customers

Technologies and tools we use

Translation memory

Translation memory systems save translated texts, so you only need to pay for each sentence and term to be translated once.

Terminology tool

Consistent terminology is invaluable. A web-based tool allows everyone to work on your terminology.

Customer portal

Our portal allows your sensitive data to be transferred securely and generates KPIs and charts with order and cost information.

Machine translation

Intelligent use of machine translation saves you time and money – without compromising on translation quality.

ISO certified – for your peace of mind

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Industries & Expertise

Every day, we at MEINRAD use our 25 years of experience and expertise to help customers large and small around the world grow their business.

Our passions are languages, technology and customer service. Our core customers from the medical technology, mechanical engineering and software sectors have trusted our expertise for many years.

Quality & Reliability

You’re in safe hands with MEINRAD’s translations – as our certifications show, high-quality language services are our top priority.

We have a rigorous recruiting process in place for our translators, give all our customers their own personal contacts, and treat your data securely and confidentially at all times. So you can rely on us.

Businesses that trust MEINRAD

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