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Accelerate your translations with automation

Automation is the easy way to make translations faster, seamless and secure!

Are your translations just a click away?

Interfaces and plug-ins for your authoring, PIM or content management systems can make it a reality. You can now launch translation projects straight from your familiar software environment, rather than sending e-mails back and forth with attached files or laboriously copying text from your system and back again. The rest takes care of itself.

Workflows tailored to suit your needs hugely minimize the manual workload for everyday jobs, so you can focus on what really matters. Agile interfaces make the process as smooth as possible and reduce what you pay – especially if you regularly have large translation projects. And you get the translated texts back in the right format too.

Why use our interfaces?

Our interfaces and automation solutions

An interface is your hotline to us. Whichever system you use, we can connect securely to all relevant authoring, PIM and content management systems, sourcing platforms and specific company systems, including:

WordPress, Drupal

Plug-and-play: We use plug-ins for the popular WordPress and Drupal content management systems, which make it as simple as possible for you to send content to us for translation from the interface you’re familiar with – and you can “pick it up” from there too.

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Microsoft SharePoint, Marketo

Clever and practical: It’s better to use smart technology than to copy text manually from Microsoft SharePoint or Marketo. Web apps don’t require any installation, and a few clicks is all it takes to send content to be translated to our translation platform.

Microsoft Sharepoint

SCHEMA ST4 / COTI interfaces

The perfect system: COTI (Common Translation Interface) is a standard for data transfer between authoring systems and translation platforms. A COTI interface offers various levels of automation in translation. At level 2, data are transferred automatically via special exchange folders. The folders are permanently monitored, and as soon as COTI packages are saved there, the next stage in the translation process begins automatically. COTI is supported by SCHEMA ST4 and other authoring systems.

Schema ST4

GitHub, GitLab, Microsoft TeamFoundation

The easy way to handle complex projects: Systems such as GitHub, GitLab and Microsoft TeamFoundation use the Git open-source technology for versioning. Our Git interface can connect to all these platforms. New content is automatically detected. Not only is our Git interface an agile solution for translating software texts – it’s also ideal for MadCap Flare projects, Help & Manual projects, FrameMaker files and any other text-based formats (XML, HTML and XLIFF).


TYPO3 and Sitecore

Keep on top of everything: Platforms like TYPO3 and Sitecore allow you to export content for translation in XML format and to import it back in when the translation is ready. Monitored folders automate the process.


Customized translation interfaces to suit you

Is the system your business uses not listed here? Or have you developed your own system to meet your specific needs? That’s not a problem! We have a solution for everything, and we’ll make sure your system can talk to ours – whether it’s through plug-ins, API connectors or Hot Folders, you’ll get the perfect interface. So you can launch your translation projects in the simplest and most logical place: your system landscape. And your translated texts will be there ready for you to use. Simple, secure and flexible.

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Every day, we at MEINRAD use our 25 years of experience and expertise to help customers large and small around the world grow their business.

Our passions are languages, technology and customer service. Our core customers from the medical technology, mechanical engineering and software sectors have trusted our expertise for many years.

Quality & Reliability

You’re in safe hands with MEINRAD’s translations – as our certifications show, high-quality language services are our top priority.

We have a rigorous recruiting process in place for our translators, give all our customers their own personal contacts, and treat your data securely and confidentially at all times. So you can rely on us.

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