How you benefit from website localization


File formats

We work with all the main export formats, such as XLF, HTML, XML or CSV, and with various CMS systems, such as TYPO3, WordPress, Drupal etc.


Quality and style

A website is your digital calling card. Our translations are tailored to your target markets, so you can connect with your customers around the world.


Less stress

Launching a website is a huge project – and there’s often a tight deadline. Our Project managers handle everything translation-related for you.


In-house review

Your website is the “front window” of your business. It makes sense for your in-house experts to use our web-based system to apply the finishing touches.

Our website localization services

All-round service

One less thing for you to worry about: send us your files, and we’ll do the rest. That doesn’t just mean translation and localization – it also includes coordination with tech support and your advertising/marketing agency, if you have one.

Project Management

You get your own Project Manager who knows exactly what you need. They make sure projects are delivered smoothly and on time, coordinating everyone involved: from the translators to the Localization Engineers.


We only use experts to translate your texts. Our translators adhere to your terminology using the management tool we provide. Once the translation is delivered, your in-house experts can review the text to apply any finishing touches.


We finish what we start: once the translation is complete, the Project Manager carries out a computer-aided quality check and delivers the files in their original format so they’re easy for you to use. So you’re ready to go live.

Add-ons for Customers

Technologies and tools we use

CAT tool

We work with a CAT tool to make the translation process as smooth as possible. When you update your texts, it recognizes content that has already been translated.

Localization tool

An innovative localization tool allows translations in the live website environment, giving translators the context to deliver top-quality translations.

Terminology tool

If you have regularly scheduled updates for your website, using a term base helps ensure consistent terminology and saves you time as well as money.

ISO certified – for your peace of mind

Industries & Expertise

Every day, we at MEINRAD use our 25 years of experience and expertise to help customers large and small around the world grow their business.

Our passions are languages, technology and customer service. Our core customers from the medical technology, mechanical engineering and software sectors have trusted our expertise for many years.

Quality & Reliability

You’re in safe hands with MEINRAD’s translations – as our certifications show, high-quality language services are our top priority.

We have a rigorous recruiting process in place for our translators, give all our customers their own personal contacts, and treat your data securely and confidentially at all times. So you can rely on us.

Businesses that trust MEINRAD

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