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Translation memory / CAT tool

Benefit from CAT tools and translation memory systems

Our system remembers your texts – so you only pay to have them translated once!

Translations in the document itself are rare these days. Advanced CAT (computer-aided translation) tools have made translators’ work much easier.

CAT tools feature integrated translation memory systems, which save the texts created by the translator while they’re translating and make them available for future jobs.

This saves money, because you only pay to have your texts translated once. It also ensures better-quality and consistent texts over the years.

The CAT tool also gives translators a helpful preview, so that they can keep an eye on how the finished output will look.

Why use CAT tools?

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Every day, we at MEINRAD use our 25 years of experience and expertise to help customers large and small around the world grow their business.

Our passions are languages, technology and customer service. Our core customers from the medical technology, mechanical engineering and software sectors have trusted our expertise for many years.

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You’re in safe hands with MEINRAD’s translations – as our certifications show, high-quality language services are our top priority.

We have a rigorous recruiting process in place for our translators, give all our customers their own personal contacts, and treat your data securely and confidentially at all times. So you can rely on us.

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