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Top tips for full post-editing of machine translations

New technology means new challenges, and getting to grips with machine translation is one of them.  The post-editing process throws up lots of questions.  Martin and Bianca, two of MEINRAD’s Project Managers and In-House Linguists, explain three key issues in machine translation and post-editing and give some top tips for how to tackle them.  

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What to expect from our podcast

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The aim

Machine translation is becoming increasingly popular, which means the issue of post-editing MT output is more important than ever. But it raises questions about data privacy, terminology and invoicing – so we discuss best practices to help you get the most from machine translation. 

What it explains

  • Privacy How can you ensure that sensitive data are kept confidential?
  • Paying for full post-editing: How are machine translation services invoiced?
  • Terminology: Do MT engines take terminology into account?
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