MadCap Flare checklist – layouts suitable for translation


Make MadCap Flare projects suitable for translation

MadCap Flare offers great flexibility when it comes to creating documentation – but insufficient knowledge can lead to problems when translating the project which cost you time and money! Our checklist will help you keep time-consuming DTP and CSS work to a minimum. 

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What to expect from the checklist

A quick overview of the areas covered

Knowledge to go

Once you’ve filled out the form, we’ll send you an e-mail with a download link. You can then download our checklist for producing documentation suitable for translation with MadCap Flare – so all the information you need is on your device, bite-sized and easy to access. 

The focus

  • Callouts und icons
  • Incomplete sentences, changes in text length and UI strings
  • Inline formatting and conditions
  • Variables und snippets
  • Global linking and cross references
  • Track changes

How do we know all this?

MEINRAD team member Andrea is our Flare expert, as she has many years of experience in translation project management (and previously worked as a technical writer). At the MadWorld conference in 2019 she gave a presentation on “Going global in MadCap Flare”, which forms the basis of this checklist. 

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