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Framework agreements checklist

Are your agreements watertight?

Are you putting together an agreement with an LSP?

Do you want to review your existing agreement?

Use this checklist to ensure the agreement covers everything it needs to cover and gives you clarity and security in your everyday work!

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What to expect from the checklist

A overview of the areas covered

Legal protection

Does your agreement cover the following issues?

  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • LSP insurance
  • Property rights to translation memories and term bases
  • Court of jurisdiction and applicable law
  • Procedure in the event of errors and disagreements

Prices and service level

What does a “Standard translation” include and have all the terms been agreed?

  • Preparing the files and delivering the end product
  • Reviews and upkeep of resources (TMs)
  • Express jobs and DTP
  • Creating the CAT grid
  • Bulk discounts and surcharges

Machine translation

Don’t ignore machine translation – make sure the conditions for using it are clearly established:

  • Which level of post-editing?
  • How is privacy ensured?
  • What consequences are there for unauthorized use of MT?
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