The best client respects and recognizes your professional work and commitment, the best colleague does it twice. But and its team are more than best clients and colleagues: They are truthful friends!

It is a great pleasure working for as a translator. They manage to combine professionalism with a respectful attitude towards both clients and suppliers. Also their use and understanding of modern CAT-tools is among the best in the business. For instance it is thanks to that I have discovered memoQ.

Pleasant and uncomplicated cooperation, prompt response to inquiries, reliable and correct handling of all matters.

Working with is a real pleasure. What I’ve particularly appreciated since I started working with them is the strict cooperation between project managers, the end client and translators/reviewers, in order to achieve optimal results and to learn something new in every stage of the workflow. The project managers are always highly professional and friendly. Thank you Meinrad and the whole team!

I’ve been working with as a technical and medical translator for a few years by now and I’ve been always treated honestly, respectfully and in a friendly way. I’ve dealt with several and different project managers and all of them have been supportive and have looked for a good cooperation, even when in technical trouble of scheduling issues I’ve got a proactive response and have always found the best solution for all three parts; me as a translator, they as a company, and their customers. Payment is always on time and the rates paid are in the higher range, which makes working for them doubly attractive.
I am also proud to be quite considered among their translators, so I always try to be ready for any project coming from, as they tend to be interesting and well-prepared; they try to provide as much background information as possible and work along with the end customer to establish permanent relationships with the translators/editors.

I am lucky enough to work with Many of the project managers are translators too, so they know what matters when delivering a high-quality translation. That’s what makes working with them so enjoyable. The whole team are professional, helpful and extremely friendly. Despite being so far away I feel like I’m part of the team.

Throughout my many years of collaboration with the team at, the common thread has been the friendly, positive attitude and expertise shown by the team, even with complex, stressful projects. They are all prepared to find a satisfactory resolution to any problems with deadlines or terminology that may arise, and that makes for a genuinely pleasant working environment. The friendly atmosphere is a constant motivation to rise to the challenge of meeting their high quality standards with an enthusiastic mindset.

Freelance translators mostly work in isolation, but that’s not the case if you work as part of the chain. has high standards: specialist knowledge, consistent terminology, punctuality, up-to-date translation software… In return, translators who work for the team receive the best level of support imaginable no matter what the situation. No question goes unanswered, no technical problem remains unsolved. And the whole team always have such an easy-going and warm manner, which you don’t always get these days. Thank you!

For me is an ideal partner, first of all because the partnership is truly a mutual commitment.
Our common goal is the end product, and we’re working side by side to get the optimal result. There’s full support whenever needed, also in case of shortfall from my side – that’s unevidably to happen once or twice when working together for so long – I meet understanding and it is seen as a common problem that we need to resolve together.
I realise that this may sound as a commercial, but it isn’t, I really only have positive feedback to report.
The facts:
-regular offering of interesting projects
-efficient systems for order processing (XRTF) and translation job management (MemoQ server)
-good and friendly communication
-solid cooperation and true partnership
-perfect payment discipline
What else can I wish for as a translator?