What our translators say

What our translators say about us

Sylva A.

“Freelance translators mostly work in isolation, but that’s not the case if you work as part of the MEINRAD.cc chain. Meinrad Reiterer has high standards: specialist knowledge, consistent terminology, punctuality, up-to-date translation software…

In return, translators who work for him and his team receive the best level of support imaginable no matter where they are. No question goes unanswered, no technical problem remains unsolved.

And he and his colleagues always have such an easy-going and warm manner, which you don’t always get these days. Thank you!”


Manolo J.

“Throughout my many years of collaboration with the team at MEINRAD.cc, the common thread has been the friendly, positive attitude and expertise shown by the team, even with complex, stressful projects.

They are all prepared to find a satisfactory resolution to any problems with deadlines or terminology that may arise, and that makes for a genuinely pleasant working environment.

The friendly atmosphere is a constant motivation to rise to the challenge of meeting their high quality standards with an enthusiastic mindset.”

Magda C.

I am lucky enough to work with MEINRAD.cc. The in-house staff translate too, so they know what matters when delivering a high-quality translation. That’s what makes working with them so enjoyable.

The whole team are professional, helpful and extremely friendly. Despite being so far away I feel like I’m part of the team.”

Eva P.

“I value MEINRAD.cc’s professionalism, their expertise and the many years of personal, friendly cooperation I have enjoyed with the whole team.”

Astrid H.

“For me MEINRAD.cc is an ideal partner, first of all because the partnership truly is a mutual commitment. Our common goal is the end product, and we work side by side to get the best possible result.

There’s full support whenever I need it. Even if the problem is at my end – which is inevitable every now and then when we’ve worked together for so long – they are always understanding and approach it as a shared problem that we need to resolve together. I realize that this may sound like a commercial, but it isn’t. I really only have positive feedback to report.

This is what I get from MEINRAD.cc:

– interesting projects on a regular basis
– efficient systems for processing orders and translation job management
– good and friendly communication
– genuine cooperation and a real sense of being a partnership
– punctual payment at all times

What else could I wish for as a translator?”

Claus B.

“It is a great pleasure to work for MEINRAD.cc as a translator. They manage to combine professionalism with a respectful attitude towards both clients and suppliers.

Their use and understanding of modern CAT tools is also among the best in the business. For instance, it is thanks to MEINRAD.cc that I have discovered memoQ.”

Isabelle F.

“I have worked with a lot of customers from all around the world (Europe, USA and Asia), but I can honestly say that I have NEVER had such good support: when possible, all my questions are answered immediately and in detail, and even on weekends I never feel helpless if, for instance, there’s a problem with the server or the connection.

Meinrad and his team are always patient and helpful, despite their workload and the number of questions I’ve thrown at them! What I value most is that we really do WORK TOGETHER as a team to serve the final customer, to ensure that we supply the highest quality in a friendly working environment.”

Andrey G.

MEINRAD.cc represents the gold standard of a perfect outsourcer that offers interesting projects with clear and accurate instructions, timely payment and constructive feedback.

I always look forward to working with MEINRAD.cc.”

Giovanna G.

“Working with MEINRAD.cc is a real pleasure. What I’ve particularly appreciated since I started working with them is the close cooperation between PMs, the end client and translators/reviewers, in order to achieve the best possible results and to learn something new in every stage of the workflow.

PMs are always highly professional and friendly. Thank you Meinrad and the whole team!”

Marcelo S.

“Doing work for MEINRAD.cc is a pleasure for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they consistently make sure to deliver translations that sound natural while staying true to the original, all with the intention of meeting their clients’ specific needs and surpassing their expectations.”

Paul M.

“Working with MEINRAD.cc is an extremely enjoyable and positive experience. Workflows are well-structured and cohesive, and communication is always purposeful and cordial at the same time.

Reliable, friendly, stress-free and punctual are terms which frequently do not go together in the business world, but they do at MEINRAD.cc!”

José M.

“I’ve been working with MEINRAD.cc as a technical and medical translator for a few years now and I’ve always been treated honestly, respectfully and in a friendly way. I’ve dealt with several different PMs and all of them have been supportive and positive in their communication. Even when there have been technical problems or issues meeting deadlines the response has been proactive, and they have always found the best solution for all three parties: me as a translator, them as a company, and their customers.

Payment is always on time and the rates paid are towards the upper end of the scale, which makes working for them doubly attractive.

I am proud to count myself as one of their translators. I always try to be available for any project coming from MEINRAD.cc as they tend to be interesting and well-prepared; they provide as much background information as possible and work alongside the end customer to establish permanent relationships with their translators/editors.”

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