Here you can find information on what makes our translation and localization process so special and what you as a customer should look out for.

Professional core translators

The quality of the translations stands and falls with the PEOPLE who carry out this incredibly creative task. We therefore invest a great deal of time and energy in selecting these important business partners, and even more in continuous collaboration with them. This includes

  • complying with ISO 17100:2015 criteria when it comes to selection and collaboration
  • free training for our translators
  • and maintaining personal relationships with them.

Learn more here about our translators and the advantages of establishing core translators for your projects.

Quality assurance and ISO 17100

Our quality management system is ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certified All translators are chosen to meet the strictest criteria and continuously evaluated. In addition to the revision/proofreading required by ISO 17100, every translation is subjected to a quality check with regard to clearly defined formal criteria to ensure that specific requirements such as number formats, tag positioning and segment length have been adhered to. Read more here!


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