elumatec AG is the leading premium supplier of profile machining technology. Around 400 employees manufacture equipment and products for their customers in over 50 countries, based in Pforzheim, Germany. Operating instructions and machinery user interfaces therefore need to be translated into over 20 languages.


A professional partner for all translations

Since 2007 has been elumatec’s partner for all translations. “They work with the same software tools as us and can process all the formats we use directly, which makes our work much easier. That was also why they were recommended to us by our software providers”, says Steffen Renz, technical editor at elumatec AG, describing their first contact with


Translation memory helps save money

Another major plus point is that’s translation memory tool automatically recognizes which text in a new translation project has already been translated. “Operating instructions essentially remain the same, and it’s only the few new sections that need to be translated. The great thing is that I don’t have to find these changes; the translation memory tool does it for me. This alone gives us savings of up to 60 per cent per translation job, which is a significant cost advantage over other translation providers.”


Effective collaboration via the customer portal’s customer portal allows large files to be supplied more easily than in the past with e-mails. “I drag them using Drag & Drop and can immediately set what I want translated and how it should be translated. I can also look at previous translation jobs again: which files had I uploaded, which bits were translated and how much did it cost.”


Direct contact with translators to ensure consistency

Direct contact with the translators via the customer portal is also beneficial for Renz. “They don’t just simply work their way through the text – if any terms are unclear, they ask. Though this happens less and less frequently now, having worked closely together for many years.”


The personal touch

“In we have a provider for all translations which resolves all problems quickly and without making a fuss. Our dealings with business management and the project managers are extremely friendly and enjoyable.”

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