Online help guides are a key element of the control software used in the laser cutting machines manufactured by Bystronic Laser AG at their base in Niederönz in Switzerland. Every point of operation has a context-sensitive help guide which is also used to train customers and as a reference source.


Many years of expertise with all tools used to create online help guides

“ is familiar with all the major online help tools – after all, they work with them too. They have all the necessary filters for the translation programs”, says Udo Beyer, Technical Editor for Software Documentation and Translations, commenting on their expertise. “We send them the entire project, filters out the sections which need to be translated, translates them and then delivers the completed project to us. All we have to do is copy it into the right place.”


Going above and beyond don’t just ensure that the translation is technically and linguistically accurate: they also check the links, associated lists, files, stylesheets and functionality of the localized software interfaces. “This service – which they don’t charge us for – guarantees that there won’t be any mistakes and saves us a great deal of work”, says a delighted Beyer.


All problems resolved as soon as possible

Beyer highlights another significant advantage: “Meinrad Reiterer caters to all our wishes. We can come to him with any problem and he will try to resolve it as quickly as possible. You can tell that he is really committed to it and that he never puts anything off. We work together as if we were colleagues or lifelong friends.”

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