August Strecker GmbH & Co. KG, founded 75 years ago, specializes in developing and manufacturing butt welding machines which are sold via distributors in over 50 countries. The technical documentation is constantly changing, and this means new translations are required.


Value-for-money service

Eberhard Strobel, Head of Documentation and responsible for translations, describes the challenge: “We could not do this ourselves, as establishing and running our own translation department would not be cost-effective. So we are reliant on a specialist language service provider. is the ideal translation partner for companies working with complex technology, as their service is excellent value for money.”


Always punctual and reliable

Strobel is particularly impressed by’s reliability. “Deadlines are always met, and all our questions are answered within 24 hours. Written quotes are clearly presented, and we have had practically no misunderstandings. Delivery takes between three and seven days. We know that we can rely on Mr. Reiterer, and this reliability makes him stand out from the rest of our suppliers. If we are start to fall behind internally, he saves the day with his quick and yet high-quality translations. He takes great care over all projects, no matter how big or small.”


Significant added value thanks to the translation memory system

Strobel is a particular fan of’s translation memory system. Using it means that their translation costs, and thereby’s profit, decrease with each job. He says: “I think very highly of Mr. Reiterer for using this software. It gives us significant added value and additional peace of mind.” Strecker also uses the translation memory system as a reference source.

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